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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank checker is a tool that checks your website ranking according to the other websites of the world. You can check two types of results in the alexa ranking.

Global Rank:
It means the overall rank of your website according to the whole world. All websites included in this category.

Local Rank:
Local rank does not mean specially specify rank of your website according to your country. It will display rank of your website in that country in which you rank higher as compare to others.

How this rank is being calculated:

There are lot of factors that are used to calculate the rank of your website. One of the most important factors is the overall users of your website. Second, how much a user spends average time on your website. Third, how often a user regularly visits your website. A lot of other matrices involved to calculate the ranking of your website like social signal, social fan following etc.

Why use our Tool?

Main question comes in mind that why use our alexa rank checker tool when it have an option to check rank of any website. On the main website you cannot check rank of multiple website in one click but our tool allows you to check alexa rank for up to 10 domains in just one click. There is no captcha involved to use this checker.


How to use this Tool?

To use our bulk alexa rank checker, paste up to 10 website urls in the input box above. After adding those urls click on the submit button. Our tool will start displaying Global and Local rank of each domain one by one. Please make sure urls that you are going to check are 100 working and live.