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About Google Index Checker

Google index checker tool is used to check if a URL indexed in Google or not. It could also be used to check a total number of pages of a specific website that are listed search results.

Why Use google indexed pages checker?

This tool is mostly used by SEO experts to check google index my site or not. Google index search have following uses.

Before Getting Backlink: if you are going to place an article on a website, which has high domain authority and page authority. Just before you send them your valuable content you know that that website is not indexed in search engines. Would you publish an article on that website? No of course not, because that website will not pass any backlink juice to your website.

High DA PA value does not mean that backlink from that website will give your website any benefit. There are thousands of websites if you check domain authority of those website it will be high but those websites are penalized by Google. So, indexation is an important factor before getting a backlink from a website.

To Check Crawl Rate: The term crawl rate means how many requests per second Googlebot makes to your site when it is crawling it. If the crawl rate of a website is low it means the latest published web pages will not be indexed quickly. You can use this google indexed pages checker to check google index status. If new web pages of your website not listed in google that means your website crawl rate is low.

Is my site indexed? if you have developed a website and made it live, the thing that comes very next to your mind is that, is my site indexed? This bulk index checker can help in this matter. All you have to do is just paste website URL in the input box and click on URL index checker button. If the landing page shows No result found, it means you are unavailable for Google search users. We recommend you to do the following steps to make website indexed in google.


If Final results show that a big number of pages are not indexed by Google, then you should create XML or HTML sitemap of your website. A sitemap a page that contains all pages of a website and search engines can read that sitemap using a robots.txt file or you can directly submit sitemap using google webmasters console. If you have not created any sitemap for the website, you can create XML sitemap using our XML sitemap generator tool.

Use Pinerma google index pages Tool, it will ping your website to 65+ search engines.

Create Social profiles on facebook, twitter and Google+ and share the website on those websites.

How to use indexed pages checker Tool:

Very Simple, Just Paste website URL or list of URLs that you want to check and click on the Submit button. You will see the results table and there will be two value against each URLs.

Check Full website indexed page: By clicking that link, you will be redirected to a Google results page where you can find a full list of indexed pages against that specific domain.

Check current page only: By clicking that link, you will be redirected to a google results page, where you can check if that exact URL is listed in google or not.

Using our bulk website index checker 1,000 web pages could be checked at once. Our tool is super-fast, and there is no captcha needed to use it.