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If you are computer savvy, you would know how to take a screen shot of the screen displayed on your personal computer. You may even know how to take a screen shot on a smart phone and tablet. But taking a screen shot of a website by visitors is a different altogether. As a website master, you might receive complaints from your customer that there’s some problem with your website and they think it has been hit by malware or a virus or has been hacked. Or some function of the website is not displaying the page that it’s supposed to. Your first action would be to try and understand the problem by questioning the site visitor. But what if the visitor does not understand your questions or is talking in a different language. Now you are faced with a real problem for which you don’t have a ready-made solution. Also, you don’t want to disappoint and lose your potential customer.

In such cases, your best option would be to ask your visitor to take a screen shot of your site and mail it to you. But here you are most likely to hit another issue, which is that your visitor does not know how to take a screen shot to email to you.

Every computer or laptop does not follow the same set of instructions to print the screen. On some computers, you have to press the ‘ctrl’ button and the ‘prt sc’ button. On some, you have to press the ‘fn’ key and the ‘prt sc’ key to take a screen shot. On others, you have to press the ‘alt’ and the ‘prt sc’ buttons. If you are using the same brand of computer as your website visitor and he or she speaks the same language as you do, then it would be easy. You can explain the keys that they should press to take a screen shot. If they are using a different computer, you can ask them to try different key combinations to take a screen shot.

Now all would be fine till here, but now we come to the tricky part. Now you have to explain to the visitor to open ‘paint’ if they are using a Microsoft Windows based machine and press ‘paste’ to paste the captured screen into it, and save it and mail it to you. But if the visitor is using an Apple computer, the paint application would be different.

All these steps could be quite overwhelming for a website visitor to follow and for you to explain. So your best option would be to visit the site and examine the problem, which could lead to another problem. Let’s assume you don’t face the same issue that your visitor is facing; now you have a real problem.